Zabot – Painted Knowledge – OUT NOW!

Deep down in the forgotten labyrinths of the infamous Phonix Records paranormal division resides our very own wizard, Zabot. First seen wielding his magic in Portugal, he has been honing and mastering his crafts alongside the Universe’s best scientists and monsters many levels below the surface. Finally with his power levels at a maximum, Zabot is ready to emerge from the depths and release his cosmic powers for all mortal beings to see.

This planetary system or the next, Zabot will get your attention, and then take you on a journey into inner space, that of “Painted Knowledge”.  Explore and “Analyze” the boundaries of your subconscious, down to your very core, the “Light Ball” that is your soul. The journey culminates in the “Heart Plan”, made with the legend Tickets (Josef Summs, South Africa) – it represents things to come, the revolution of the mind that is yet to pass. Break yourself away from the confines of this realm and join Zabot in realizing the completion of this mind-opening spell.


1. Zabot – Analyse

2. Zabot – Light Ball

3. Zabot and Tickets – Heart Plan


Tracks 1 and 2 written and produced by Daniel Zabot @ Zabot Studios, Portugal
Track 3 written and produced by Daniel Zabot @ Zabot Studios, Portugal and  Josef-Ashton Summs @ Tickets Studio, Germany

Available on Beatport exclusively for 2 weeks starting 5th July 2013

Available elsewhere starting 19th July,2013:

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