Zabot Live & Ishikawa Dj Sets – Online!

Zabot presented a rocking live set  followed by an interview with Ishikawa on Radio Schizoid 29 August 2013.

In the interview, Zabot talked about his recently released massive debut EP – ‘Painted Knowledge‘ – featuring 2 solo works and a collaboration with the legendary Tickets. He also spoke about his studio setup and the story behind the ‘Zabot’ project. Check out the whole interview here

Zabot Live Set:

Also available on MixCloud:

Ishikawa Dj Set:
Alongside the sick live set from Zabot, was the thundering ‘LEVEL 13’ Dj Set from Phonix’s very own Ishikawa featuring a mix of his favorite tracks including some Phonix bombs from Distant Touch and Demosys.

Ishikawa DJ Set can be streamed from:

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