V/A – Hope Springs Eternal – FREE RELEASE OUT NOW!

We are happy to share our very first free release – Hope Springs Eternal compiled by label manager, Ishikawa!

This release is a gift from the Phonix Records extended family to our friends and fans. Over a year in the making, it celebrates hope for the best, even in the face of adversity and the general spirit of giving. To seal the deal, ANY and ALL sales proceeds from this release will be donated to charity.

A big THANK YOU to all the artists for their generosity in volunteering their work and time to help make this release a reality. Special thanks to Derren Nuttall aka Omega Flight for helping put together the fantastic artwork for this release.

On that note – Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Holidays all around!

DOWNLOAD on the Phonix Bandcamp page NOW!

1. Earworm – Contact This
Written and produced by Max Meshiv at Earworm Studio, Israel

2. Omega Flight – Incoming
Written and produced by Derren Nuttall at Omega Flight Studio, United Kingdom

3. Ionkhe – Artificial Intelligence
Written and produced by Ivan Lugo at Ionkhe Studio, Mexico

4. Frozen Ghost – Redemption
Written and produced by Frozen Ghost at Frozen Ghost Studio, South Africa

5. Akros – Cero
Written and produced by Fernando Miranda at Akros Studio, Mexico

6. Ctrl Z3ta – The Real Beastie Boys 2018 Mix
Written and produced by Ricardo Morales at Ctrl Z3ta Studio, Mexico

7. Wavefunktion – Chaos Theory
Written and produced by Peter De Vos at Wavefunktion Studio, Australia

8. Principles of Flight – Cerberus (Epitaph RMX)
Original written and produced by at Remy Maurin & Pierre Delort at Principles of Flight studio, France
Remixed by at Andres Romero & Leonardo Novelo Epitaph Studio, Mexico

9. SKP – The Watcher
Written and produced by Peter Strachan at SKP Studio, Australia

10. Glitch – Lysergic RMX
Written and produced by Dash Hawkins at Glitch Studio, South Africa

11. Zabot – Proto Imagery
Written and produced by Daniel Zabot at Zabot Studio, Portugal

12. Menog – Other Reality (Catarsis RMX)
Original by Daniel Bernado at Menog Studio, Portugal
Remixed by Mario Funes and Luis Cruz at System Sequence and X-Side Studio, Mexico

Track 1 mastered by Max Meshiv at Earworm Studio, Israel
All other tracks mastered by Dale Byl at db Mastering, South Africa
Artwork by Derren Nuttall at Ink Junkiez, United Kingdom

Track 8 released with permission from Principles of Flight
Track 12 released with permission from Menog

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