V/A – Twilight Core Vol. 3 – Out 5 June 2020

It has been 5 years of patient waiting, plotting and planning. And now the time has finally come… to reactivate the Core. Phonix Records is proud to present – Twilight Core Volume 3! Featuring a roster of fresh and established names from the world over; cosmonaut Ishikawa invites you to join the voyage through the Twilight Core once more with an exceptional crew of beat hackers, scientists and sonic wizards.

Activation sequence commences with Capes (Ruan Capes/South Africa) and his slick, polished and cerebral ‘Synthetica’ that breathes life into our propulsion systems.  Mirror Phase (Robert MacDonald/South Africa) with his tribal ‘Inner Experience’ conjures an unrelenting beast that helps stabilise the reality matrix. Phonix scientist Distant Touch then pushes the envelope with an infectiously fat bassline spliced with enough acid to leave you out of ‘Out of Your Bitdepth’.

Jump starting the scanning sequence is Stack Rack (Pedro Ferreira/United Kingdom), with his deep and intelligent retelling of Ionkhe’s ‘Unacceptable’ (Ivan Lugo/Mexico). Already a dance floor favourite, this remix gives the original a fresh psychedelic twist. With the help of our new friend iLmush (Ilya Elymanov/Russia) – the psychedelic energy needed to reach the next level of the core bursts forward with the ‘Blue Monkey’ – a haunting and groovy dance floor romp. Bringing us perspective is SKP (Peter Strachan/Australia) reminding us to not be so serious and to enjoy some ‘Harmless Fun’ along the way. Virtuoso ReFractor (Luan Boes/South Africa) takes the helm with a ‘Bitter Sweet’ story that satisfies all dance floor cravings and more.

‘Coming Together’ for the final sprint are mastermind Earworm (Max Meshiv/Israel) and friend Reborn (Faraz Radmehr/ Iran). A space aged blaster with rhythm that will make you reach for the stars. Our very own Aquedeux (Robyn De Jager / South Africa) follows up with the next move – ‘Heart of Africa’. The culmination of her love and hope for her home of Africa; once the forgotten continent but now the healing continent! Let freedom reign, God bless Africa! And with that much needed feeling of hope, long time Phonix amigo –  Tickets (Josef Summs/ South Africa) – joins the crew for our final push. As we enter the heart of the Twilight Core – time dilates and reality falters, if only momentarily, to infect sound waves with hyperactive energy. The result is the roller coaster ride that is ‘Technical Tickets’ – a 152 bpm spiral of madness! A truly unique retrospective of all the Twilight Core represents.

With this, the 29th release from Phonix Records, we are proud to continue supporting the music and the artists we believe in! A special thanks to Tryambaka (Tiago Pimentel/Portugal) for his wonderful mastering, the Phonix familia (Gayle, Paulo and the rest of the crew), all the artists who have patiently witnessed this release come full circle and finally – our fans and friends who make all the hard work worth it. With that said, as you have done so before and will do so for many moons more – take us to your speakers! Now is the time to once more explore the depths of the Twilight Core!


  1. Capes – Synthetica 145 BPM
    Written and produced by Ruan Capes at Capes Studio, South Africa
  2. Mirror Phase – Inner Experience 145 BPM
    Written and produced by Robert MacDonald at Mirror Phase Studio, South Africa
  3. Distant Touch – Out of Your Bitdepth 145 BPM
    Written and produced Ashley MacLaughlin at Distant Touch Studio, Germany
  4. Ionkhe – Unacceptable (Stack Rack RMX) 146 BPM
    Originally written and produced by Ivan Lugo at Ionkhe Studio, Mexico
    Remixed by Pedro Ferrera at Stack Rack studio, United Kingdom
  5. iLmush – Blue Monkey 148 BPM
    Written and produced by Ilya Elymanov at iLmush Studio, Russia
  6. SKP – Harmless Fun 145 BPM
    Written and produced by Peter Strachan at SKP Studio, Australia
  7. ReFractor – Bitter Sweet 143 BPM
    Written and produced by Luan Boes at ReFractor Studio, South Africa
  1. Earworm vs Reborn – Coming Together 144 BPM
    Written and produced by Max Meshiv at Earworm Studio, Israel and Faraz Radmehr at Reborn Studio, Iran
  2. Aquedeux – Heart of Africa 146 BPM
    Written and produced by Robyn De Jager at Aquedeux Studio, South Africa
  3. Tickets – Technical Tickets 152 BPM
    Written and produced by Joseph Summs at Ticket Studio, Portugal


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