Thrillseeker – The Dawn – Coming 17th July 2015!

The greatest of feats, the longest of leaps – they all start with a first step. And so it is with the story of Pedro Pinto – one half of the popular Portuguese duo, Algorhythm, whose brand energetic twilight mayhem has been rocking dancefloors for some time now. With over 3 EPs and countless releases as Algorhythm, Pedro felt the time was right to try something different. This idea took root in his mind, and finally came roaring to form the debut EP of Thrillseeker – the exciting solo project from Pedro.

Every day starts off with a special period of time, where magic is boundless and the air is electric. It is also a time of great and turbulent change, where the forces of light and darkness battle. It is on a similar note that this release starts, with Thrillseeker’s melody crazed beast that is ‘Apocalypse’. As it leaves you breathless, twisted and yearning for more – Thrillseeker focuses our attention to the where this story began – the ‘Konflikt’ between night and day; a sonic expression of overpowering energy and chaos leading to dancefloor bliss! This is what this release is all about, new and magical beginnings, changes of epic proportions … ‘The Dawn’ is here! A culmination of several years honing his skills – this EP marks only the beginning of the things to expect from Thrillseeker in the future.

With this our 14th release, Phonix Records is proud to join forces with Thrillseeker in realizing his debut EP and continuing forward with our mission to release only the very best in twilight psychedelic music! As you have bravely done before, it is time now to boldly go where no one has gone before – take us to your speakers for it is a new day and the dawn is upon us!


1. Thrillseeker – Apocalypse 146 BPM

2. Thrillseeker – Konflikt 146 BPM

3. Thrillseeker – The Dawn 146 BPM

All tracks written and produced by Pedro Pinto at Thrillseeker Studios, Portugal

All tracks mastered by Dale Byl @ db Studios, South Africa

Artwork by Paulo Etnarama


Available at Beatport exclusively for 2 weeks starting July 17th 2015
Available elsewhere starting July 31st 2015:

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