Terrorbyte (Guy Peters-Hollenberg) has been djing for about 16 years, 10 professionally. He came from a early house background and as most Dj’s, he started from the ground & worked his way up. He went to his 1st psychedelic party in 1998 and never looked back.

His energetic driving twisted sound found a home with PsynOpticz Productions in 2009 and signed with Organik Media the same time(best of both worlds) and now just plays for PsynOpticz.

He has played with the likes of many recognized artists such as Azax Syndrom, Twisted System, Phatmatix, Lost & Found, Shift, Slug, Bretheren, Frozen Ghost & Cybernetix just to name a few.

He has not only made his name DJing but has also produced tracks with the likes of Rubix Qube, Biorhythm, Cybernetix & SwiTcHcaCHe.

With the trance scene loving his music and energy, Terrorbyte is gonna be around for a while so look out cause this is one be one act you don’t wanna miss!

Phonix Records is proud to have have Terrorbyte join the team – watch this space for more news!

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