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The Elusive Gluon – Particles – OUT NOW!

Particles - the debut EP from The Elusive Gluon , the groovy side project from Glitch (Dash Hawkins, South Africa) - is now available on Beatport exclusively for 2 weeks! Tune in, strap tight and ...

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The Elusive Gluon – Particles – Coming Oct 2017!

For centuries a dormant particle lay hidden to the world and it's energy remained unknown. That was until the fateful day, when the masterminds at the Phonix Labs came to possess the necessary technology needed ...

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V/A – Spectral Resonance – OUT NOW!

Spectral Resonance - compiled by djs Ishikawa and Space Byrd - is now finally available on Beatport exlcusively for 2 weeks! Tune in, strap tight and drop out! Are you ...

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V/A – Spectral Resonance – Coming 2nd June 2017!

Resonance is the phenomenon where by a sound played at just the right frequency, the resonant frequency, is amplified and manifested physically in neighboring objects. The greater the resonance, the greater the amplification. Deejays

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