Ishikawa – Phonix Power Sorcery Dj Set!

Prominent Phonix Sorcerer Ishikawa  presented this 1 hour Dj Set on Radio Schizoid on 28th of November.
It features the recently released ‘The Twilight Core‘ compilation alongside scorchers from other Phonix releases including bombs from Organikka and Sound Control!

Be prepared for some grade A – Phonix Power Sorcery!

Ishikawa – Phonix Power Sorcery:

3M vs Z3RO – The End [VA -The Twilight Core]
Dexter vs SoulEater – It Begins [VA -The Twilight Core]
Orianis – Back to North (Sound Control RMX) [Sound Control – The Immortals EP]
NeoGenetic – Gema 4 [VA – The First Contact]
Organikka vs. Undelete vs. Psycho System – Molecule Dancer [VA -The Twilight Core]
Distant Touch – Demonic [Distant Touch – Logic Error EP]
Orca – Downtown 2013 RMX [VA -The Twilight Core]
Zabot vs. Tickets – Heart Plan [Zabot – Painted Knowledge EP]
Thrillseeker – Intoxicated [VA -The Twilight Core]
Zinx – Semtex Overkill (Demosys RMX) [ Demosys – Indecisions EP]

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