Infektion – Ultimatum – OUT NOW!

Phonix Records is immensely proud to present – the long awaited and long overdue debut album from Infektion (Bruno Lopes/Portugal). A throwback to the glory years of true twilight psytrance, he dug deep to discover this relic of the future. Literally years in the making, over a year perfecting the final touches – with this release Phonix Records helps realise Infektion’s dream to complete an album, a journey – a message aptly titled ‘Ultimatum’.

‘Twilight’ is a distorted memory, the kind that flashes in your mind when you wake up from a deep slumber. Familiar, yet hard to recollect, powerful yet mysterious. ‘Triphase’ is the realisation of lucidity. The layers make more sense, the energy more certain, the vibe undeniable. The vibrations slowly achieve resonance, it is time for ‘Mindburst’. Flexing muscles, recalling old memories of stomping – the vision is now clear. The message loud and unmistakable – be prepared for Infektion! Now you are ‘Awake’. What seemed impossible, now feels strangely natural, like it was always meant to be. The power surges, setting a tone of ‘Antipathy’, towards the passive, towards inaction. A manic deconstruction of the now – a clear call to action, to realise the complete potential of this experience. It is time to ‘WideUp’. Expanding horizons, bursting melodies, see the beauty that the big picture offers. All culminating into ‘Ultimatum’ – the pinnacle of that brooding lost spirit – the twilight vision. And so, all good things come to an end but not without a final burst of energy – a ‘Collision’ to slow things down. Tired, yet unmistakably powerful, not one to be taken lightly. And as with any journey – there is a final farewell – a final slumber. Consciousness fragments, ideas break down – the will to stay awake weakens to a ‘Sub Stance’. Distorted and broken, the journey ends with a promise of more should you revisit.

A special thanks to the masterful Tryambaka (Tiago Pimental/Portugal) for his mastering skills and X-Side (Luis Cruz/Mexico) for the beautiful artwork. A special shout out to Ishikawa for his encouragement and persistence to release twilight psytrance and keeping the fire burning!

It’s time to end this transmission, as we do always. The Ultimatum has been given – it is time to take us to your speakers – turn up the volume and blast off!

1. Twilight 130 BPM
2. Triphase 144 BPM
3. Mindburst 145 BPM
4. Awake 146 BPM
5. Antipathy 145 BPM
6. WideUp 146 BPM
7. Ultimatum 144 BPM
8. Collision 143 BPM
9. Sub Stance 101 BPM

All tracks written and produced by Bruno Lopes at Infektion Studio, Portugal

Mastering by Tiago Pimental at Tryamabaka Studio

Artwork by X-Side

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