Distant Touch – Logic Error EP – Released!

Fresh from the Phonix Records laboratories is the new virus, only known as ‘Logic Error’. Synthesized by the entity known only as Distant Touch (Ashley MacLaughlin) – the mysterious scientist known to hail from South Africa. Symptoms include uncontrollable body movements often resulting in dancefloor stomps, overclocking of neural processors, bursts of euphoria accompanied with bone shattering chills caused due to elevated endorphin levels. The virus is highly contagious, if encountered the only way to keep it at bay is to let it loose on the loudest set of speakers available.

Phonix Records is proud to present Distant Touch’s second EP – ‘Logic Error’ featuring three original tracks. The music on this EP is best described as groovy, aggressive with enough power to jumpstart your adrenal glands. The energy levels don’t let up through the introduction of the ‘Logic Error’, to exploring its ‘Demonic’ aspects culminating finally in the ‘Offensive Psy Application’. In keeping with true Phonix style – we recommend you take us to your speakers!


All tracks written and produced by Ashley MacLaughlin @ Distant Touch Studios, UK/South Africa

Available on Beatport exclusively for 2 weeks starting 26th April 2013

Available elsewhere starting 10th May,2013:

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