Undelete is the brainchild of Krypto aka Jorge Romao and Demosys aka André Cachaço. These long time friends and fans of high-octane psytrance  decided to combine forces to ensure that their passion for music would not be forgotten. And thus the Undelete project was born with the idea to try out new forms of sonic manipulation using new sounds and cutting edge technology. 
Since then they have played alongside fellow aliens D-Maniac,  Technodrome, Orca, Ex-Gen,  Khopat, Smashed,  Punchline, Myrah and more! These guys destroy dancefloors with their live and dj sets, accompanied by some mean dance moves  – always with one goal in mind –  to help the masses to reach a true state of trance.

They are hard at work on their debut EP which should be ready for release towards the end of 2013.

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