Space Byrd
Space Byrd

Space Byrd is Bruno Roque, born in 1981 in Porto,Portugal. His first contact with the psychedelic world was in 1999 when he started to going to  psychedelic trance events. He was very inspired by the music and the people who helped lead him towards beginning his career as a DJ in the end of 2006.

Since then he has played at many open air festivals and indoor events throughout Europe as well as compiled digital compilations for {psy.ology} records (PsynOpticz Productions record label). He has not stopped working to achieve all of his objectives. In 2007 he became a label dj for Protohm Tribe and in 2008 PsynOpticz Productions in South Africa asked him to represent the label. Since then he has grown as a dj and become even more passionate.

In 2014, he became friends with Ishikawa and soon after they reached the natural conclusion of joining forces to continue on their path of twilight psytrance mayhem! And so, this year Space Byrd is going to take it all to the next level!

His favorite artists are Lost and Found, Brethren, Multistate, Absolum,  Phyx, Phatmatix, Menog, Shift, Twisted System, Frozen Ghost,Concept, Tryambaka, Tickets, Zion Linguist and many more…

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