Sound Control
Sound Control

Albert Gashi aka Sound Control was born and lives in Belgrade (Serbia) 30.3.1990. Interest for trance music appeared in early 2003. After years of visiting many rave parties there was a desire to learn how to work with music sequencers and learn how to make electronic music (trance). After almost a year of learning, he decided to take a step further and send his tracks to Polena Records (Italy). They sent a positive response and on 07.01.2010 he released two tracks ”Star Scream” and ”War In The Brain” in the compilation ”Psy Goa Trance Vol 1”.

After a good response from people in 20.5.2010 he released his first EP called ”Electric Mind”.

Then that he joins the organisation ”Tripping Vibe” and starts building his career on the trance scene in Serbia. After many successful indoor and outdoor parties, he starts to collaborate with Multivers Organization, and in the meantime decided to make his first album under the name ”Overdrive” who released on Universal Ddance Records (Australia) 23.2.2011. These days working on his next releases and 2nd album with System Sequence, X-Avenger, Technodrome, Crazy Tone, DemoSys, Blisargon Demogorgon, Brainwash, Painn, Radio.Phobic, X-Side, Shadai and more known artists….

Sound Control has played with some of the biggest names on the Psy Trance scene such as: Astrix, Switch, Eyal Yankovich, Indra, Bizzare Contact, Sesto Sento, Gataka, Atomic Pulse, Freaked Frequency just to mention a few…

In 2013, Sound Control released his awesome EP on Phonix Records – ‘The Immortals’ – featuring some great remixes to Technodrome and Orianis in addition to the title track.

The Sound Control sound can be best described as Hi Tech with dark atmospheres, deep bass lines and fast and aggressive leads.

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