Psycho System
Psycho System

PSYCHO SYSTEM are David Iglesias & Sergio Cano (aka Scano)! David began his musical journey around 1994 when he became interested in electronic music . From then on, he taught himself armed with nothing other than a good ear and a drive for music. Initially it began with an interest in house and techno, and then moved to trance where he really started to understand production more. Eventually his studies lead him to focus on trance and goa acid trance until he finally discovered the new of hi-tech and full on psytrance. Wasting no time, in 2011 he started to work on the new project Psycho System project with teammate Skano .

Today they are a part of labels Ataxia corp, 3D Psycho Records, the Portuguese collective Magic minds and now Phonix Records. Their discography includes several tracks on compilations for Woorpz rec, Free minds records and Phonix Records’ ‘The Twilight Core’ in addition to three EPs. released by Indigena Dancer rec, Kaos Crew Records and Ataxia corp.

They have also done collaborations with several known producers such as X-side, Undelete , Jaws Underground , Ctrlz3ta , Tryon, Outer Connection and others. They are no strangers on the party circuit, especially in Portugal where they have played along side Shuumat , DNI, Painn , Alienn , Tryon, Myrah , Hiyarant , Tryambaka , Brainbasher etc .

Keep a watch out for Psycho System as they make their home at the Phonix Labs where our team of scientists, wizards, beat hackers and audio junkies are constantly pushing the boundaries of science, magic and technology in bringing you only the very best twilight psytrance!

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