Omega Flight
Omega Flight

Omega Flight aka Derren Nuttall has been Djing and Producing electronic music for more than 15 years. Derren grew up listening to techno, and in 2004 he found Psytrance and immediately fell in love with the melodies and the whole vibe the scene presented. Inspired by his experience – the inevitable happened and he set out to produce his own brand of psytrance.

Omega Flight’s style today is a hybrid of “twilight psytrance” influenced by many UK & South African artists – Lost & Found, Slug, Hiyarant, Brethren, alongside the UK sound of Scorb, NRS & Deviant Species.

As Omega Flight’s sound improved and his style matured – he caught the attention of party goers and festival organizers. Since then – he has been played all around UK and is a regular feature at festivals and partys organized by Tribe of Frog, Toadstool, Psyanide, Bassinvaders, Tesla Project, Arti-fact, Triplicity  and more…

In addition to the Omega Flight Live and Dj Sets – Derren also creates magical string art & stretch installations for parties & festivals alike, and as “Ink Junkie” – he enjoys visually melting peoples’ minds with 3d structures and psychedelic art.

In the words of a wise man (or an alien – it is yet to be confirmed) – take this beat hacking mad man to your speakers!

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