Lithium is the project of DJ and producer Bill De Vos. From the macedon ranges of Victoria, Australia, he has been active in the Victorian psytrance scene both as the solo act Lithium and as Super Smashed Brothers – a collaborative project with his brother.

Having been an avid fan of hard trance and darker aggressive music, psytrance became the next logical step in what would eventually become Lithium. After experiencing his first festival in Victoria at age 18 – when he heard psytrance for the very first time ; it instilled in him a burning desire to listen to all forms of psytrance ranging from full on, dark, twilight to progressive music. Eventually just listening to music was not enough.. and so Lithium was created. After many years spent exploring his own interpretations of psytrance, Lithium refined his skills mixing and producing psytrance, developing techniques and collecting psytrance music.

His sets focus on on a range of music, from twilight psytrance to dark to full on, with an emphasis on relentless breaks, melody and continuity. The flip side is frequently featured in Lithium’s production, with a more euphoric uplifting progression focusing on feel good and mellow morning psytrance sounds.

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