Data Decay

Data Decay is a, Dj, promoter and music enthusiast from Ottawa, Canada.

Surrounded by music for much of his life, Tim Mancini began his journey into sound as Data Decay in 1999 and has been fuelling the Psytrance fire in Ottawa and beyond for well over a decade.
He has spent a lot of time sculpting both his vinyl and digital music collection, into a full spectrum of Psychedelic sounds and is always striving to bring new cutting edge music to the forefront of his sets. Influenced by greats such as; The Delta, Midi Miliz, Tim Schuldt, Joti Sidhu, Scorb, Deviant Species, Absolum, CPU, Shift, and Hysteria to name a few.

Data Decay has been Dj’ing special events with world class artists of almost every genre, was a resident on a weekly psytrance radio show called Techno Turtle Radio on CHUO 89.1, and has been connecting with the local visionaries and crews such as F.A.K. (Freak Addiction Krew), 7th Harmonic/Hermetika and Psyllabus to bring events like Ritual Nights, (Ottawa’s longest running Psytrance night) and now it’s evolution – Altered State.

He has had international bookings in Europe and North America, as well as playing at some of Canada’s premier summer music festivals, such as Space Gathering; Anishnabe; Natura; Alweezgrooven; Indian Summer Spirit Festival: Pandamonium; Altered Forest and many free Teknivals bringing you Dark Dirty Psytech / Full-on / Twilight and the best Night Time sounds out there.

Data Decay has been a key pillar of Psytrance keeping the unique Canadian flavor alive by providing soundscapes for many events and radio shows. Known for his high energy track selection and seamless transitions; this is one Dj you do not want to miss.

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